The Chief Executive Meets with New Ambassador of Sweden to Kabul

September 18, 2017

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with Tobais Thyberg, Newly appointed Ambassador of Sweden to Kabul.

The Chief Executive congratulated Mr. Thyberg for his appointment as Ambassador of Sweden and expressed hope that during his tenure, relations between the two countries would be expanded.

The Chief Executive called relations between Sweden and Afghanistan friendly, good and old and appreciated Sweden’s assistance to Afghanistan.

Thanking the Chief Executive, Mr. Thyberg expressed pleasure for his appointment in Afghanistan as Ambassador of Sweden, and expressed hope that the ties and cooperation between the two countries would be increased.

Mr. Thyberg reassured of Sweden’s continued cooperation with Afghanistan in the context of good relations between the two countries.

Dimensions of the US new strategy for Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s regional relations, the latest political-security developments, elections, and presence and representation of women in the Afghan government and Sweden’s support of women’s participation were discussed at the meeting.

President Ghani Receives Swedish Foreign Minister

Kabul, October 25, 2017


The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received foreign minister of the Kingdom of Sweden Margot Wallström, Wednesday afternoon, Presidential Palace.

On behalf of the Swedish government and people, Minister Margot Wallström expressed her condolences to the President and people of Afghanistan over the recent spate of despicable terror attacks. She said, “We share the grief with you.” She passed greetings of her government leadership to the President.

Minister Wallström added that the Swedish government will remain in Afghanistan as a partner and will continue their assistance and cooperation.

President Ghani expressed gratitude to the Swedish government and people for their condolences. He asked Minister Wallström to convey his greetings to the leadership of the Swedish government.

President Ghani thanked the Swedish government for having helped Afghanistan during tough times especially in health and education sectors.

The two sides also conferred about regional issues and the peace process as well as technical cooperation on vocational education and renewable energy.

The Swedish foreign minister reaffirmed continued assistance and support of her government to Afghanistan in different realms of development, stressing that the Afghan-Swedish relations be expanded and strengthened.

This year Sweden and Afghanistan celebrate 75-years of diplomatic relations. The excellent relations were reaffirmed during the visit of H.E President Ashraf Ghani to Stockholm on 4 December 2015.

The Swedish efforts in Afghanistan are long-term and have over the years encompassed political, military and development cooperation efforts. In particular, the efforts of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan have been greatly appreciated. The Afghan people’s quest for peace and democracy is one that has broad political support in Sweden. Sweden supports the Afghan Government’s reform agenda and its efforts to initiate a peace process.

A bilateral agreement on development cooperation was signed between Sweden and Afghanistan to manifest the importance of the relationship. It confirms Sweden´s continued support to Afghanistan. The agreement establishes a platform for consultations which will provide opportunities to discuss, on a regular basis, what we consider to be core issues in our development cooperation – democracy, human rights particularly the rights of women, jobs creation and inclusive and sustainable growth and development.

The heads of Government exchanged views on the current situation with regard to asylum seekers arriving in large numbers in Europe and in Sweden, including from Afghanistan, many of them unaccompanied minors. It was agreed that this is of mutual concern. Both governments are determined to do their outmost to address and improve this situation.

It was agreed to improve cooperation and to enter into negotiations on an agreement on readmission in accordance with Swedish and international law, including the right of asylum within the established due processes.

The international community, including Sweden, has over the years played a significant role in Afghanistan. Together with some 40 other countries, Sweden participated in one of the largest international operations in modern times, aimed at promoting peace, security and reconstruction in Afghanistan. Throughout the years 2002-2014, around 10 000 Swedish men and women have contributed to this effort. The Swedish contribution continues in the form of participation in the Nato-led train, advice, and assist mission “Resolute Support”.

Afghanistan is the largest recipient of Swedish development cooperation. At the international conference in Tokyo 2012, Sweden pledged SEK 8,5 billion to Afghanistan for the period 2015-2024. The first half of that ambition is currently being realised through a development strategy encompassing an indicative volume of SEK 4, 8 billion during the timeframe 2014-2019.



Friendship and Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Kingdom of Sweden date back many decades. The strong relationship is based on a common vision of a sovereign, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan enjoying good neighborly relations in a stable region.
Over the past decade, Sweden has been a major provider of development and humanitarian assistance, amounting to approximately 150 million USD annually channeled bilaterally, through the European Union, and through multi-lateral organizations. Furthermore, Sweden has contributed to the strengthening of Afghan security and rule of law by participating in the UN-mandated ISAF mission, and in the European Union’s Police Mission EUPOL.
Time has now come to look towards the future. The forthcoming Cooperation Agreement on Partnership and Development (CAPD) between Afghanistan and the European Union will provide a long-term strategic framework for the relations between Afghanistan and Sweden. In addition, the two countries will continue to develop their bilateral cooperation. To this end, the two governments today:
·         Agreed to initiate negotiations on a bilateral agreement on development cooperation, with the view to sign an agreement in the coming year. The agreement will be based on mutual respect, shared interests and a continued strong commitment to transparency and accountability in accordance with the framework of the Tokyo Declaration of July, 2012.
·         Announced the intention of Afghanistan to establish an Embassy in Stockholm in the coming year.
·         Agreed to further develop the political dialogue by intensifying the exchange of visits at various government levels and by encouraging parliamentary contacts.
·         Reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen democracy, good governance and transparency, respect for human rights and the rule of law. Special attention should be given to the situation of women and the growing young population in Afghanistan.
The two countries stressed the importance of finding a political solution to the conflict in Afghanistan supported by the countries of the region and the wider international community. They reiterated their support for an Afghan-led, inclusive peace and reconciliation process guided by the principles of the Afghan Constitution.
Afghanistan and Sweden will continue to cooperate in strengthening Afghan security, ownership and leadership by completing the transition process by the end of 2014. Sweden will examine possibilities to contribute to future international efforts to train Afghan police and national security forces, should Afghanistan so request.
Afghanistan and Sweden will work together to build confidence in the region through the Heart of Asia process to which Sweden is a supporting country.
Afghanistan and Sweden underlined the importance of Afghan-owned, free, fair and inclusive elections to further consolidate democracy in Afghanistan. Strong and independent institutions, including the Independent Election Commission, a solid legal framework and robust security measures are necessary to ensure the success of future elections. Sweden stands ready to lend its support through advice and monitors, in coordination with the Afghan government, the European Union and the United Nations.


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