Reception for the Delegation from Stockholm Association of International Affairs

Embassy of Afghanistan Hosts Reception for the Delegation from Stockholm Association of International Affairs


On 1 December 2017, The Embassy of Afghanistan hosted a reception for the delegation from Stockholm Association of International Affairs.

The delegation, which comprises 20 members, discussed issues of mutual interest and the recent developments in Afghanistan.

The delegation visited a photo exhibition and watched the documentary “Afghanistan Towards Development”. Ambassador Hameed Haami briefed the delegation about the history, culture, politics, security and migration issues..


96th Anniversary of the Independence Day

The Embassy celebrates the 96th Anniversary of the Independence Day and 75th Anniversary of the Afghanistan-Sweden Diplomatic Relations


On August 19, Ambassador Hameed Haami joined by Embassy staff hosted a reception marking Afghanistan’s 96th Independence Day and 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Sweden. Among the distinguished guests were Mr. Peter Hultqvist, Defence Minister of Sweden, Ms Helena Sångeland, Director General Asia-Pacific of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Directors of SIDA, foreign ambassadors and diplomats, and members of the civil society organizations.

Ambassador Haami welcomed the guests and said “when we talk about independence, we appreciate the dedication of those brilliant heroes who have devoted their lives in gaining freedom for their fellow citizens. The main goal of every freedom fighter is to defend national sovereignty, contribute in development and restore prosperity to the people.”

The Ambassador stressed that after decades of unrests, today Afghanistan is in a better development pace. “On most social indicators of development, be it life expectancy, literacy, reduction in maternal and infant mortality, gender equality or poverty reduction, we have performed very well.” said the Ambassador.

Pointing out the deep historical relations between Afghanistan and Sweden, the Ambassador said “The relations between our two countries have been sincere and deep. Both sides are working to further strengthen and deepen the ties. Our two governments will soon sign a bilateral long-term cooperation agreement which will open a new chapter in our relations and enhance the collaboration between the two nations.”

Swedish Defence Minister also spoke at the event, which he said was an opportunity to reflect on the Swedish-Afghan strategic partnership. He reaffirmed Sweden’s continued commitment for a stronger and prosperous Afghanistan.

Another highlight of the program was a cultural segment featuring Sufi Ghazals and classical music concert by Ustad Sharif Ghazal, legendary classical and ghazal singer of Afghanistan.

The Embassy thanks all its partners for their participation and support which was essential to the success of the event.


Click here to watch the video of the event


Statement by Mr. Ershad Ahmadi, Deputy Foreign Minister at the Inauguration of the Embassy of Afghanistan in the Kingdom of Sweden




His Excellency Frank Belfrag, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs
Her Excellency Tanja Rasmusson, State Secretary for International Development Cooperation
Ambassador Niclas Trouve, Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan
Ambassador Hameed Haami,
Excellencies, Distinguished Guests,  Ladies and Gentlemen

Good evening and welcome to the Embassy of Afghanistan in Stockholm.

I am very pleased to be here on my first ever visit to the beautiful city of Stockholm on the occasion of the inauguration of our embassy in Sweden, a country that is a dear friend and steadfast partner to the people of Afghanistan.  While we are opening our embassy here in 2014, in fact the people of Sweden and Afghanistan have enjoyed friendly relations for more than 75 years with the signing of our Friendship Treaty in 1940. Thanks to the work of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) since 1982, Sweden is a household name in Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan are eternally grateful for their decades of support, including through some of our most difficult days in the 1980s.

Most recently, our bilateral relations were formalized and renewed in 2002 with the establishment of the Swedish Embassy in Kabul. Over the last 12 years, Sweden has been integral in promoting our common values of democracy, human rights and education in Afghanistan.  Sweden’s contribution to the International Security Assistance Force and continued aid to a number of important areas of development has brought invaluable benefits to the people of Afghanistan and has helped the country transform from a political and economic backwater to a vibrant and rapidly evolving democratic polity. This is evidenced by the revival of state institutions, the emergence of an engaged and forward looking younger generation, increasing number of educated and working Afghan women, a booming private sector, and a robust independent media.

The opening of our embassy here is a crucial step in elevating Swedish-Afghan relations to a new level and an important sign of our growing bilateral engagement and long-term partnership as Afghanistan transitions into the transformation decade and reestablishes itself as a self-reliant, sovereign, and active contributor in the global community.

While we have so many achievements to celebrate and be proud of in the last 12 years, Afghanistan also continues to face challenges, particularly as we approach our highly anticipated elections in a few days. As evidenced by recent terrorist attacks – 3 attacks in Kabul alone in the last week – extremist elements in our region and their supporters continue their efforts to undermine our democratic process and prevent Afghanistan from moving toward a peaceful and prosperous future. Contrary to what these terrorists desire, which is to frighten Afghans and stop them from participating in the elections, these events have garnered an incredible level of resilience among the people of Afghanistan. Men and women, young and old alike are more determined than ever to participating in the elections and playing their part in ensuring that the hard earned gains of the past 12 years are not compromised.

Peace remains the most important desire of the Afghan people and the government is doing everything in its power to come to a political resolution with the Taliban. It is important to note however that any peace and reconciliation process must be in accordance with Afghanistan’s constitutional framework. Unlike 12 years ago when Afghanistan was at an all time rock bottom  with nothing to lose, the Afghan people today fully recognize the progress we have made with the help and support of our international partners and they are more determined than ever to ensure these gains are preserved during the impending political transition or any peace negotiations.

The people of Afghanistan also recognize that our desire for peace, security, and economic prosperity depends on solid partnerships with our regional partners and our American and European allies. In this context, especially now that we have an Embassy in Sweden, we are looking forward to completing the final negotiations and concluding our bilateral development cooperation agreement in the very near future. We that believe the opening of our Embassy will further enhance people to people relations between Afghanistan and Sweden, strengthen trade and investment cooperation, and help introduce Afghanistan’s rich culture and heritage to the people of Sweden.

The Afghan are proud to have and are very appreciative of Sweden’s support and partnership in our quest towards self reliance and economic prosperity. Sweden has been a committed and truly exemplary partner to us and with the inauguration of our embassy here in Stockholm we have surpassed yet another milestone in our bilateral relationship which we look forward to deepening further in the future.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s inauguration means much more than just the opening of the Afghan Embassy in Sweden. It is the story of a nation re-emerging, it is the story of Afghan resilience and determination to seek peace and democracy, and it is the celebration of solidarity and a strong genuine partnership between the people of Afghanistan and Sweden.

Thank you all for attending this historic event  – have a wonderful evening.


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