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Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation

November 17, 2015

Kabul- Salahuddin Rabbani Minister of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met in his office with Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation Ms. Isabella Lövin, this afternoon.
While expressing happiness and thanking opportunity to meet the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Isabella Lövin pointed at the 75 year old relations between the two countries and also to Sweden political and economic cooperation especially humanitarian activities of Swedish Committee in Afghanistan over the past three decade, and expressed, “Afghanistan is an old friend of Sweden and Sweden will continue to assist and cooperate in economic sphere with the government and people of Afghanistan in the framework of International Tokyo Conference commitments till 2024.”
On military cooperation, Minister for International Cooperation of Sweden insisted that mission of a number of military forces is supposed to be extended till the end of 2016 in the framework of Resolute Support Mission by the parliament of this country.12208465_869975089786758_8617568527454090111_n
Subsequently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs briefed her regarding various issues such as strengthening good governance, human rights, women’s rights and fight against corruption, and thanked Sweden for its cooperation in various areas over the last 14 year and also appreciated the activities and humanitarian services of Swedish committee over the last three decade during tough circumstances.
Minister of Foreign Affairs added,” for the humanitarian activities of Sweden committee over the past three decade and also fruitful cooperation in various economic, political and security areas of this countries in the last one and half decade, Afghans are familiar with the name of Sweden as an old friend of Afghanistan.”
During the meeting, both sides discussed the condition of Afghan refugees in Sweden, Peace Process of Afghan government and signing of bilateral Development Cooperation Agreement between Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Kingdom Sweden in the wake of Afghan President’s visit to this country.

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