e-Passport Application Guideline:

 The Embassy of Afghanistan in Stockholm issues passports only to Afghanistan's citizens residing in, and applying from the Kingdom of Sweden and Republic of Finland.

 Under the existing regulations, the Embassy can only issue ordinary e-passports.

 e-Passport application can only be made in person.

 Please note that by commencing the process of issuing the new electronic (machine readable) passports, validity duration for the handwritten/manual passports will not be extended. Therefore, those applicants who would like to extend the validity of their handwritten/manual passports are advised to apply for the new electronic passport.

Please read the guidance notes carefully.

 Appointments and submission of supporting documents:

 1.An appointment must be booked before the applicant attends the consulate office of the embassy for passport application purposes. Please read the Announcement on the HomePage and book an appointment if required. 

2.Please do not contact the consulate office directly for booking an appointment. An appointment can be booked online. 

 3.If the applicant fails to attend the appointment on the given date, the appointment will not be automatically changed. Therefore, the applicant needs to book a new appointment.

 4.Each applicant regardless of their age must book a separate appointment.

 5.Electronic passports are issued individually to each applicant, including infants. Therefore, all applicants including infants and children must be present while submitting their documents. Documents will not be collected if the applicant is not present.

 6.Once the required documents are submitted, you can check the HomePage for further information regarding the list of printed passports. There is no exact indication of the duration in which the new passport will be received. However the Embassy, after receiving all the required documents, will be able to provide the applicant with an estimated time limit in which they will receive their passport. Please do not contact the Embassy before that time limit is passed. The printing process may take at least 2 months. 

 7. Please make your travel arrangements after you receive your passport.

 Passport Application form: Download e-Passport Application Form

Please read these instructions carefully and prepare all supporting documents required for passport application accordingly. This will prevent delays in processing the application. Applications with incomplete documents will not be received. Please note that the electronic passports are printed outside Sweden and therefore the Embassy in Sweden will not, in any situation, accept emergency applications. Applicants with incomplete documents and/or incomplete applications will need to book a further appointment.

 1.Please fill in the application form before attending the office. Please use black color pen.

 2.Form must be filled in English as well as one of the two official languages of Afghanistan (Pushto or Farsi-Dari) Download e-Passport Application Form

 3.Applicant’s signature will be copied to the passport from the application form, therefore please sign carefully within the box.

 4.Applicant’s height must be accurately mentioned in centimetres, this will appear in the passport.

 5.Passport photos must be within the required measurements 5x5. The back of the photo needs to be of white color. Applicants may wish to use the photo machine provided by the Embassy inside its building.

 6.If the passport is lost or missing, a police report is required to be handed over to the Embassy.

 7.Name changes requires specific legal processes and carried out in accordance to the current law in Afghanistan. Applicants with the changes to their name and/or surname after their marriage must have a valid and certified Nikahnama (Marriage Certificate). Applicants with name changes for other purposes must have official supporting documents from Afghanistan. Applications will not be processed if the application fails to provide these documents.

 8.Provision of incorrect information by the applicant and its subsequent printing on the passport will result in the applicant being responsible for all the expenses. This could only be rectified by issuing a new electronic passport and the expenses remains the responsibility of the applicant/s.

 Supporting Documents:

1.One individual form must be filled by each applicant. Please follow the instructions below:

 2.In order to avoid further delays and frustration each applicant is required to bring along the original and one copy of the following documents (obtained in Afghanistan and/or the host country, in this case Sweden and Finland):

(Refugee Status and/or settlement cards, Certified National ID card (Tazkera), old/previous passports. The submission of Certified National ID card or Tazkera is essential and no passport can be issued in the absence of National ID card or Tazkira. Presenting more supporting documents will accelerate the process, however, the submission of an original Tazkira or a copy certified by the Migrationsverket equal to the original is a must.

 3.For children born in the host country (in this case Sweden and Finland) a birth certificate bearing the name of the father and mother, familibevis and ID documents of the father must be provided.

4.Applicants who lack National ID papers and who are not in the possession of Tazkera, are advised to refer to the ID Certificate under Consular Services on this website or to attend the Consular Section in person and fill relevant form of identity background check, but must be able to provide a copy of the Tazkira of their father, brother or father-side uncle. After careful consideration of their paperwork and receipt of adequate information from relevant official authorities in Afghanistan, the applicant will be provided with a certified form based on which the applicant can apply for a Tazkira in Afghanistan. 

 Receiving the Passport:

190px-Afghan_Passport1.Applicant is responsible for postage cost for delivering the passport using registered mail services. Therefore, each applicant needs to provide a separate envelope containing the correct amount of postage for their passport to be posted to the agreed address.

 2.Please note that each family member requires a separate envelope contacting the correct amount of postage. This is because individual passports may be issued at different times and may not be sent together.

3.Please note that consulate office in the embassy is only responsible for submitting the supporting documents to the passport issuing authority. Provision of accurate documents as well as correct address, correct spelling of names, accurate date of birth (both in solar and Gregorian calendars) and other details on the form alongside its correspondence to the documents remains the sole responsibility of the applicant. Providing incorrect and/or incomplete documents and information will result in delays in issuing passport. 

4.Once the required documents are submitted to the embassy, you will receive the electronic passport by post. There is no exact indication of the duration in which the new passport will be received. However the embassy, after receiving all the required documents without any delay, will be able to provide the applicant with an estimated time limit in which they will receive their passport. Please do not contact the embassy before that time limit is passed.

5.The passport can only be collected from the Consular Section of the Embassy in person or by a representative who will submit a copy of the residence permit of the applicant. Postal service is not available if the applicant is not a resident of Finland. 

Costs and Validity of the Passport:

1.Electronic passports are valid for 5 years.

2.Each passport will cost 1220 SEK. This includes the postage costs for delivery of the passport from the issuing authority to the consular office in the embassy.

3.Please note that the costs in SEK will vary according to the exchange value of Euro and US dollars.

Payment methods:

All consular charges are payable in SEK only. Payment in any other currency will not be accepted.

Applicants who are applying in person at the Embassy can pay by credit/debit card upon applying.

Payments in cash, personal cheques or bank transfer are not accepted under any circumstances.

Processing fee is non-refundable.

Processing Time:

If the application meets all the requirements, the passport will be issued within at least 40 working days.

Return of original documents:

All original documents submitted as part of passport application will be returned to the applicant on the same day as the application is received.


 Download e-Passport Application Form


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