Message from the Ambassador

28TH NOV 2019

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Sweden!

Abbas Noyan

I have the honor and privilege of serving as the Afghan representative in Sweden at a time when our relationship is stronger than ever before and ripe for further growth. In these past few years, the forces of global affairs have created immense challenges in international affairs. Such challenges also provide unique opportunities to steer the global affairs onto a positive course. I am confident that in partnership with Sweden, a country known for its positive contribution to the world throughout history, we will enhance the quality of life for both our peoples and the world as a whole. We can achieve this by further strengthening our common values of peace, security, democracy, human rights, and prosperity.

The defense of democracy and its institutions is essential for Afghanistan. We are very thankful to the brotherly country of Sweden for their positive contributions towards implementation and defense of democracy in Afghanistan through both bilateral and multilateral channels. Let me further extend my personal gratitude and that of every Afghan to all the citizens of Sweden for providing a safe space, dignity, and equal opportunities for the thousands of Afghans in Sweden. Strengthening democratic values and institutions in Afghanistan would create a peaceful, tolerant, and secure Afghanistan that would further make for a better world.

The menace of terrorism, in addition to wreaking havoc in places with high concentration of terror activities like Afghanistan, has also put the very humane values that are the foundations of our modern international relations under siege. I am confident that our two peace loving countries could work together to address the root causes of global terrorism. Sustainable economic development, exchange and openness between people, and spread of awareness and tolerance through education are some of the key opportunities to combat the challenges facing our world today.

Moreover, the protection and advancement of human and women rights remain one of the essential pillars of building a strong and prosperous Afghanistan. An area close and dear my heart, it is also an area that is dear to the hearts of many Swedes, manifested in their strong support for Afghans raising awareness, respect, and adherence to human and women rights as means to national development and security. Today, Afghanistan enjoys equal rights for all groups, including the minorities, freedom of expression and assembly, the active participation of women in society workforce, and their protection from domestic abuse. Still, much more must be done to align Afghanistan with international standards.

Climate change and environmental protection will be another vital cornerstone of our relationship. We are planning to work with Sweden to advance the commitments of the Paris Agreement and reduce pollution and its impact on the environment. Due to the state of affairs in Afghanistan, awareness of environmental challenges is sub-optimal, highlighting the importance of promoting, through social education, the use of clean and responsible technologies to reflect the interdependence between environmental sustainability, public health, and economic prosperity.

Our Embassy team works with passion to bring our countries closer together. I invite you to browse the website to find out more about Afghanistan, our activities, as well as other aspects of Afghanistan’s bilateral relations with Sweden, and the various services and information offered by the Embassy. This includes the provision of consular assistance to Afghan citizens in Sweden, assistance for Afghan companies interested in the Swedish market, and information about opportunities to enhance the state of affairs in Afghanistan.

Stay in touch with us via our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts to make sure you do not miss our upcoming events, and to send us your comments.

Abbas Noyan



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